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Against The Tide

Track 1

An outlook on life with a bit of a victim mentality... Written on a trip to Costa Rica.

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My Heart

Track 2

Written with Flash Burns in Austin, Texas. Heart's in the right place.

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Track 3

A promise of a song written for a girlfriend, but there's a few characters in there. Written in Lanzarote.

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My Baby's Got Better Things To Do

Track 4

Had trouble finishing the lyrics to this one for the longest time, since Paris days. Giving the POV to the victim of the abuse made it easier to finish... From Paris to Lanzarote.

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When You Smile

Track 5

The result of another challenge, this time for the beautiful smile of a beautiful friend.

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Jasmine Bloom

Track 6

A mother communicates with her daughter on another plane.

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Mending Fences

Track 7

Written during the Paris days. Influenced by Cole Porters "Don't Fence Me In" and other great American classics using western imagery. Of course it's metaphoric to the max.

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Selling The Gold

Track 8

The only non-original on the album, this one written by the great artist and friend Elliott Murphy.

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Tell This Old World

Track 9

Another one from the Austin days written with Flash Burns. Speaks for itself.

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Track 10

About the one only known for the first 4 months of life, another gone 30 years later, with 2 remaining and many all over the world.

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Flower That Flies

Track 11

A woman's life like a butterfly's. Written in Tucson, Arizona.

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