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Can´t Take It With You


Change is James Lynch's strongest album yet. Produced by Sara Daniels and Tommy Gunn, recorded in Boston, USA by Duck Carlisle.

Some of James' best song compositions to date, with song a in Spanish, one French, and 2 bonus tracks mixing languages.

An all-star roster of musicians, including Tommy Gunn, Josep Traver on guitar, Amadee Castanell on sax, and Ducky Carlisle on drums.

Available beginning September 1, 2020 everywhere, including...

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Live Stream Concerts

While we are still prevented from performing live in person, alot of we musicians are performing live on the internet. In my case, it is with Facebook, at https://www.facebook.com/james.lynch.90834

  • Date: 09/10/2020 08:00 PM - 09/25/2020 09:00 PM
  • Location: Online Event

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Answering the demands of a busy social and artistic life, James splits his time between the USA and Europe, basing his European time in Lanzarote, Canary Islands where he owns a home... 300 shows a year leave just enough time to write some songs and stay healthy.

Born and raised in New Jersey, musically schooled in Upstate New York and Canada, James has travelled the USA extensively, living in such diverse locations as Los Angeles, Memphis and Austin, Texas....
James has dedicated alot of the last 20 years performing throughout Europe, at times calling France and Spain his homes away from home, thus speaking and sometimes singing in French and Spanish.
Along the way, he has had the opportunity of recording his own albums, and performing with others....  John Carter Cash, Elliott Murphy, the Moody Brothers, Flaco Jimenez, Tony Joe White, Mick James, Tommy Gunn....

With a new album, Against The Tide, look to see alot more of James throughout the USA and Europe....

Against The Tide

AGAINST THE TIDE is James' latest album release and third studio release as a solo artist. Recorded in Barcelona with Marcos Lopez at his Cactus Studio in Poble Nou, it consists of 11 tracks, including the title track, Against the Tide.

Contributing to the album are...
Marcos López: Drums, recording, mixing and mastering
Joe Lewis: Bass
Juan Ignacio Maiztegui: Lead and rhythm guitar
Josep Traver: Electric guitars, slide
Tom Ansink: Keys
Johanna Zohler: Vocals
Susana Abellán: Rap (Jasmine Bloom) and vocals

The album can be found at these outlets amongst others...

Apple Music
Google Play
Microsoft Groove

plus these other outlets....

Pandora, Deezer, Tidal, YouTube, ClaroMusica, Saavn, MediaNet

Checkout the  Against The Tide video...

Find out more information about the album Against The Tide here...
Against The Tide



Out now everywhere

James Lynch's best and latest

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Against The Tide

Last release

James latest album release, recorded in Barcelona with Marcos Lopez and other musicians including Tom Ansink, Joe Lewis, Josep Traver.

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Interstate 40

First solo album

Produced and recorded with Dave Moody and the Moody Brothers with special appearance from Flaco Jimenez, in Paris France, 1996. Additional production with Tommy Gunn and Ducky Carlisle in Boston 1998.

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James Lynch and Interstate 40 Live

Live album

Live in Europe

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Easier Way To Fly (Mick James)

Album from duo artists Mick James

2015 album produced by James Lynch, songs written by Mick Bennett and James Lynch. Roberto Villar on drums, Mick Bennett guitars and vocals, James Lynch on bass and vocals.

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